Stephanie Bowman

“I’ve helped steer some of the biggest businesses and organizations in the country, from Scotiabank to the Board of the Bank of Canada. Now I want to put those skills to work for you.”

Stephanie comes from modest beginnings. Her parents grew up on farms near Stratford. Stephanie was raised in London with her three brothers.

Inspired by her father, Stephanie became a chartered accountant. Inspired by her mother, she worked hard to be a good mom. She spent most of her career at Ernst & Young and Scotiabank, where she was a Partner and Senior Vice-President, respectively. Her experience as a Board member with several high-profile organisations, including the Bank of Canada and Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation, has helped Stephanie develop a vision for Ontario’s future.

Stephanie grew up in a home that respected the values of community service. She has always paired her career with volunteer work, most notably serving on the Board of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. This commitment to service inspired Stephanie to run and represent her community in Don Valley West, where she has lived for 28 years, and where she and her husband have raised her two children. She was elected in the 2022 election in her first run for political office.

Don Valley West is a remarkable riding. In many ways it has a piece of everything that makes Ontario great. The diversity of people, religion, business and communities make the riding an amazing place to live, work and raise a family. It is this range of opportunities and experiences that give the riding a sense of vitality, and Stephanie is looking to grow that spark in every community she visits, while also bringing ideas from every community back to her home riding.

She is also the Ontario Liberal Caucus critic for Finance; Infrastructure; and Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs. She serves on the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. In that role, she has travelled the province where she learned more about the daily challenges that Ontarians are going through. She has seen that Ontario is a mismanaged province and that the Ford government has no vision or plan.

Stephanie is exploring running for Ontario Liberal leader because she wants to rebuild the Ontario Liberal Party so that there is a voice in the legislature willing to listen to the best ideas from across the political spectrum to revitalise communities across Ontario. First and foremost, that means focusing on rebuilding our party now so that members have the tools they need to connect with voters in their communities. Stephanie is bringing her leadership experience to this critical work and wants to hear from you about how we can get started today to do that work together.






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